Islandwide delivery
Delivery hours 12-10pm(9pm Last Order)
+65 88 668 668
(WhatsApp Messenger Only(No Calls)

Physical stalls
6 Holland Close:
11.45am-2:30pm (Lunch)
429 Jurong West Ave 1

Islandwide delivery 12-10pm
+65 88 668 668
(WhatsApp Messenger Only)

Physical stalls:
6 Holland CLOSE
429 Jurong West AVE 1
  12pm-9pm(All Day)

Dear valued customers, please kindly note that with effect from 21st March 2022, all SELF-COLLECT orders will be served at block 6 Holland Close coffeeshop, level 1, S(271006).

Premium Shellfish customer programme


Please read the following for your understanding

I understand that there are risks involved in eating Shellfish, Bi-Valves (Shell Fish) and Seafood which may contain bacteria/viruses/toxins and any other contaminants which are beyond the control of the vendor and may be inherent from source or the regions they are caught and harvested in.

I understand that Kin Hoi Pte Ltd and its associates have done the following for food safety:

Kin Hoi Pte Ltd and its associates have done their utmost best to ensure the food safety and Hygiene for the preparation and procurement of all Shellfish, Bi-Valves(Shellfish) and Seafood.

Kin Hoi Pte Ltd and its associates have also ensured that all their preparation areas are coated with anti-bacterial coatings and UV sterilized everyday before and after operations to mitigate the risk of any possible external and internal contamination.

Kin Hoi Pte Ltd and its associates have actively monitored and did their very best to ensure a safe supply chain.


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